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Your tile and grout can be sparkling clean once again.  And, we can help it STAY clean with our professional sealers and grout dyeing processes.

Many homeowners and businesses choose tile because they assume it will be easier to keep clean.  Yes and no.  The truth is that some situations with pets, food, or other oil issues tracked in can make tile and grout nearly as difficult to keep clean.

But we have a solution for your tile and grout:

  1. Your tile and grout is inspected for damage and to determine the best cleaning method. We’ll also test your grout to see if it needs sealer or grout colorant.

  2. The tile and grout is pre-sprayed with a cleaner to break down stuck in soils and grease.

  3. The pre-spray is groomed into the tile and grout as needed to make sure all the soils are broken down.

  4. Your tile and grout is rinsed with HOT 500 psi water. The water is instantly extracted into a holding tank in our truck-mounted cleaning machine.

  5. Most any soils, grease, dirt, or grime is removed and sparkling clean tile and grout left behind.

Want to see what this can do for your tile and grout?  Call us and see about a small trial area of cleaning.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • My grout is supposed to be white, but now it’s grey. Can you fix this?
    ABSOLUTELY! That’s exactly what our system is designed to do.
  • I’ve got wax on my tile and grout. Is there anything you can do?
    Yes. The wax may need to be stripped before the cleaning process. There may be an extra charge for this process. Call us for details.
  • Can you change the color of any grout?
    Usually, yes. There are some types of grout that have been altered with a poor quality of grout colorant that may not be able to be re-dyed (like if the grout was painted with paint). But short of that, most grout can be recolored with NO PROBLEMS.
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